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TVD 2.14

Thoughts on tonight's episode.

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Overall, thought this episode rocked. ;)

January Fandom Faves List

I made this a monthly list because my answers to these questions change ALL the time.  :)  Where possible, I attached a link to my favorite fic for the pairing. 
*list stolen from

favorite pairing:  Beatrice & Benedick  (Much Ado About Nothing)
favorite irl pairing:  Inoue Mao & Matsumoto Jun  (Hana Yori Dango)
favorite together-in-real-life pairing:  Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck
favorite book pairing:  Elizabeth Bennet & Mr. Darcy  (Pride & Prejudice)
favorite movie pairing:  Claire Standish & John Bender  (The Breakfast Club)
favorite tv-show pairing:  Diane & Sam  (Cheers)
favorite endgame pairing:  Domyogi & Makino  (Hana Yori Dango)
favorite non-endgame pairing:  Jo March & Teddy Laurence  (Little Women
favorite non-canon pairing:  Gale & Madge  (The Hunger Games)
favorite crack-ship:   Lisa & Jackson  (Red Eye)  ...just because it would be so wrong if they actually got together.
pairing with the hottest sex:  Max & Alec  (Dark Angel)  ...ok, so a lot of my ships are non-canon.  :P
pairing with the hottest make-outs:  Katie Bell & Marcus Flint  (Harry Potter)
pairing with the hottest chemistry:  Buttercup & Butch  (Powerpuff Girls)
pairing that you recently got into:  Liz Lemon & Wesley  (30 Rock)
pairing that the actors got you to ship:  Ria Torres & Eli Loker  (Lie To Me)
pairing that you ship, but wouldn’t be upset if they weren’t endgame:  Merlin & Morgana  (Merlin)
pairing with the best marriage:   Tracy & Angie Jordan  (30 Rock)
pairing with the best story-line:  Anne Shirley & Gilbert Blythe  (Anne of Green Gables)
pairing with the best friends to couple scenario:  Monica & Chandler  (Friends)

More fics for some pairings (if any strike your fancy) can be found at my rec archive.


Love Gossip Girl or Hana Yori Dango?

Then check out this amazing picspam comparing the two TV shows!  It's fantastic!  If you're a fan of one, you should definitely see the other. ;)

PICSPAM by mojotastic 


Damon/Bonnie drabble

Written for the Damon/Bonnie drabble meme at bubbly_fics . 

In response to this prompt by lom1585 :  Last year at the 60s dance Damon asked Bonnie to dance and she turned him down, so he tries again at the Masquerade Party.

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A/N:  Kinda puttered out at the end. ;)  Sorry that it's mostly dialogue and facial expressions, lol, I was too lazy to include silly trivial things like action or description.  


Lie To Me looooove!!

Three weeks ago I found season 1 of Lie to Me on netflix... and now here I am, totally addicted and in love with all the characters, desperate for each new episode, and anxiously scowering the net for fic.  Jesus, how does this happen? 

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TVD 1.19 coda

A Bonnie drabble...


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Anyone else shipping RP Quinton Aaron/Gabourney Sidibe??  Is there something *wrong* with me? 

random Supernatural dream

Had a dream that Jo was back on Supernatural.  Super random.  And I've never had a supernatural!dream before.  Ever.

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AND THAT'S IT.  My dream ended there before Jo showed up.  UGH, so disappointing. :(  But anyway... towards the end of my dream, I realized that I was watching an episode of Supernatural (even though I wasn't really) and I was SO excited that Jo was back.  And that they'd managed to believably make her totally badass.  It made me all fangirl-pleased inside. 



SPN season 6

Ok, so the only way Kripke could redeem himself in my eyes is if this new show he's working on is all about women kicking ass.  Interesting, complex, emotional, intelligent REAL women.  And kicking ass.  Oh, 'good' women who I can admire and sit around my house wishing I could be (*not* Meg or Ruby).  Is this likely after his Supernatural track record?  'Course not.  So do I care about Supernatural season 6 or Kripke's new show?  Neh.  And do I have any hope for some feminism now that Sera will be showrunner?  Meh.  

I give SPN news one big Blah.  Dude, I broke up with you!  Stop drunk calling me on the phone!  (totally not the other way around) 

*sigh*  Of course they're going to beat SPN into the ground with renewals... ah well.  :P